Gregory T. Rajsky

Principal and Consulting Naturalist

Greg Rajsky established True Nature Consulting in 2013 to help landowners and others to better understand natural areas—their functions and composition, history and inhabitants. He has been engaged in ecological restoration since 1990 and is a certified naturalist through the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois. An avid field botanist, Greg delights in sharing his knowledge of local plants.

“I find both solace and inspiration in the natural world: deep peace and thrilling enthusiasm. Nature is a gateway that leads to higher aspiration, deeper meaning, and profound mystery.” ~GTR

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Jeff Schumacher

Restoration Specialist

Jeff Schumacher has served his community in many different ways, whether as Eagle Scout, Literacy Volunteer, or Biology teacher, and especially through environmental action.  Jeff has completed the Ecological Restoration Certificate Program of the McHenry County Conservation District through McHenry County College. He has worked with a restoration contractor to clear public land.
As a volunteer steward, he has directed the clearing of 20 acres, transplanted 1700 oak seedlings and planted countless acorns.
He has guided several grade-school classes in planting oaks. In recognition of his environmental work in the community, he received the Hometown Heroes Award in 2013.


Ruben Nazario

Restoration Specialist

Ruben Nazario has lived in McHenry County, Illinois, for 14 years. He recently enrolled his own property into the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. The CSP has given Ruben the opportunity to apply to his own land what he has learned about restoration and management while reducing his tax burden. He is delighted to share his insights and experience with other similarly situated landowners.

Ruben developed a love of gardening and of the outdoors as a child and a love of the woods and natural areas while vacationing often with his young family in the Nicolet National Forest in Wisconsin. In recent years, Ruben has been volunteering frequently with the McHenry County Conservation District in support of natural resource management, primarily focused in the restoration of oak and hickory woodlands. 

After a successful career in software development for AT&T, Ruben's goal and passion is to now spend as much time as possible outdoors battling the invasive plants that are threatening our Midwestern native plant species and ecosystems or, has Ruben has called it, "Extreme Weeding."

Ruben tells his friends and family "I'd rather be pulling buckthorn than fishing. Guaranteed piles of catches, more purposeful than working out at a gym, and we're doing a service to nature and mankind." 

His favorite saying while working is, "Look, there's another one!"