True Nature Consulting offers a variety of educational opportunities for groups, as well as for land owners.


True Nature can deliver classroom/meeting presentations ranging from prairie ecology to woodland management, from plant-animal relationships to ecological restoration. If your group is interested in any topic related to the natural history of the Upper Midwest, let us know; we can prepare and deliver a lively presentation of interest and value.

Outdoor Education

“Connection is the word that comes to mind when I think of my classes that I took with Greg. He has an uncanny ability to allow students to make connections with nature through his instruction, coursework and experiences. His vast knowledge of the natural areas was a gift; we were able to explore and research the science and theory of restoration and then experience the practical application of restoration, stewardship and conservation. His promotion of ecological literacy was refreshing.
“I have taken his poetic and wise instruction, ‘Let the land speak to you,’ as the foundation for my restoration and stewardship activities. It is an invaluable tool--for me and for the natural areas that I am connected to.” ~Tricia Bethke, Naperville, Illinois

We are prepared to lead field trips to natural areas throughout the greater Chicagoland area
(the Chicago Wilderness region). We can lead an interpretive walk through your own property. From spring or fall bird walks to management-specific interpretations of restored natural areas, we can offer you or your group an inspirational experience in nature.

Deep Ecology

Our philosophy is that we human beings do not exist apart from the natural world; rather, we are part of the natural world. Through deep ecology, we explore the intrinsic connections we all feel toward the plants, animals, water and land that comprise our natural environment. If you are drawn toward the philosophical and spiritual experience of nature, we can help you discover deep connections that restore the sense of place that nourishes our very being.